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Pitter Patter
Pitter patter,
Pitter patter,
Oh where are you my love?,
In all of this pitter patter?,
You know what this rain does to me,
You know as I look upon this rain,
I think of you,
My arms long to have you in them,
My lips burn to place them upon yours,
My eyes wish to gaze into yours,
Pitter patter,
Pitter patter,
Mon amore, 
Please come home soon
:iconmusicisthenewspeech:musicisthenewspeech 5 0
You wait,
Wait for me,
What have I done to deserve this?,
Deserve this wonderful privilege, 
To have you,
But yet not have you,
For you to say she's the one,
 When truly,
 I am no one,
I do not deserve you,
Your smile,
Your sparkling eyes,
I do not deserve them,
You have no idea,
How amazed I am,
How grateful I am,
How lucky I am,
To have you
:iconmusicisthenewspeech:musicisthenewspeech 10 5
love poem from a pillar of salt
the words 'i love you'
have always tasted like forbidden fruit
an apple offered by a helpful serpent-
sweet and fleeting but
the words 'i loved you'
just taste of
i always thought that leaving you would be like leaving gomorrah
that i couldn't help looking back
and when i did i'd feel an ocean dry itself beneath my skin
but this is so much quieter
and so much worse.
my knuckles taste of blood,
not salt.
there is no new testament here
just old testament fire
just lot's wife standing on a forgotten hill
rocksalt freezing her outstretched hands
watching her hometown burn below her.
there is no forgiveness here
just mutual loneliness
just a lost religion and a broken girl
far too tired to play pretend
watching you fall apart behind me.
:icontheadequategatsby:TheAdequateGatsby 154 42
siren boy
once upon a november,
i fell in love with your eyes
(you laughed quietly at my pride, and pressed your lips into my neck anyway) please,
breathe me in again, hold me close, even if only for a second
                or do i need to imagine you there
because the winds do rip and the storms do tear
and you, you were always my shelter but today i'm drowning in your arms so
the glass will only break
:iconrosescarlet:RoseScarlet 38 51
jeanclaire was here
her truth bleeds from within these pages
all that she loves and the beauty that she is
and all that there ever was is whispered herein
a sneak peek into the soul that is
and forever will be the most amazing
you may ever be blessed to meet
she is love and light
and all things good and sweet
with the universe inside of her
she will show you all that is glorious
inside of you
if you let her
she is the one
who will give you all that she has
so that you may see that you too
have universes inside of you
and together
we are one and the same.
:iconjeanclaire:jeanclaire 1 0
my mind creaks
The incessant squeal
of a mouse on a wheel
running round
inside my mind
I find the silence
deafening to my senses
seeking comfort in sounds
other than the thoughts scurrying around
quietening the hustle and bustle
of a million ideals
fighting for prime position
at the forefront of my tongue
my mind creaks
as it overflows
yet I barely speak
for fear of not being heard
:iconjeanclaire:jeanclaire 1 0
gentle whispers
nestled amongst
where the wild things grow
the moonlight bathes her bare flesh
eyes as green as the moist grass glistening
in the golden rays of the morning sun
before it breaks o'er the horizon
skin as pale as a lilly white moon flower
that guides you through the darkness like a beacon
and if you let her she will lead you
to yourself
hear her gentle whispers
breathe their way
into your soul
but don't dare blink
or avert your eyes
for she will also lead you astray
her intention are far from pure
they bleed you of your darkest desires
and she will feed off your soul
it fuels her fire
some say she's a siren
others a legend
only I know what she truly could be
a fearless red hairing
lulling you into a false sense of wonder
and guiding you far from the beaten path
she'll drag your lovely bones
to the deepest depths
of the lake of despair
drowning you in a tangled mess of her luscious hair
there's no point fighting it
my dear you have lost
the will to go on
your lack of lust
for a world who
:iconjeanclaire:jeanclaire 2 7
when my demons take hold
my hands are worn
as the skin peels
my blisters bleed
my souls torn
as my lungs restrict
I struggle to breathe
when my demons take hold
and the hurt sets in of a life half lived
I yearn for something more to give
I write to forgive; and to forget
yet the memories remain
and I’m left to soldier along; through my pain
I daren't scream out in anguish
I'd hate to impose
so I face my demons alone and exposed
I cant give up or give in
I must fight this good fight
try as I might
the days I wake with the will to live
are few and far between
every other day I dust my self off and face the world with a knowing grin
this crippling cloud of doubt will forever come and go
its something I'll learn to survive with time
I must not let its waves drown my fire
for life is for living
and there is much to live for
and so I will learn to live by the universe inside my core
:iconjeanclaire:jeanclaire 2 6
Mistakes in Art
"There are no mistakes in art."  
I read this statement on the dry erase board in the art therapy room. I was staying at a facility that specialized in the treatment of eating disorders. I didn't believe this quote as I read it. I had always wanted to know how to make art but never got around to doing it. Oh sure, I had drawn a few things here and there,  but nothing that I really liked or wanted to share with anyone. As far as I was concerned at that time, art just wasn't my "thing".
I had my own ideas of what "good art" should be. This especially happened when I started going to Greenville Technical College in the fall of 2012. I was influenced by what I saw and heard from other people. "I wish my drawings were as perfect as theirs," I thought.
What I have come to realize though is...I was not made to make art the same way someone else has. They always have some minor flaw that they want to highlight that no one else sees.
In my opinion, the way you can make good art is jus
:iconhaunted72194:haunted72194 3 3
King! Prussia x Chubby! Servant! Reader My King
му кιиg ραят 9
Prussia's P.O.V
Gilbert woke up with (y/n) in his arms . He yawned quietly and slowly untangled himself from her and crawled out of bed . He looked out his balcony . It was still dark out and soldiers were getting ready for the battle . He changed into a new shirt and a pair of pants . He went to grab his sword from its place when he felt arms wrap around him.
"Leaving without saying goodbye?" (Y/n) asked sleepily . "I don't like goodbyes anyways ."
"I don't either ," he said and put a hand over hers . He then turned around to see her tearing up . He leaned down and kissed her lips gently . "I can't die remember ."
"I know but it doesn't ease my mind and it doesn't stop me from worrying about you , Gil ." She said as she wrapped her chubby arms around his neck and his around her plump waist .
"I'll come back to you , I svear to Gott , (y/n) ." He said as he grabbed a hand and kissed it softly . Running his thumb over you
:iconbatdrizzy:batdrizzy 48 13
Spiderman by Janiczka Spiderman :iconjaniczka:Janiczka 2 0 Creature 1 by pyro-helfier Creature 1 :iconpyro-helfier:pyro-helfier 46 25 William Model by pyro-helfier William Model :iconpyro-helfier:pyro-helfier 209 38 February: The Jersey Devil by pyro-helfier February: The Jersey Devil :iconpyro-helfier:pyro-helfier 294 140 Kiba - Siberian husky by pollo0389 Kiba - Siberian husky :iconpollo0389:pollo0389 121 12


by rockmal

all that's truly missing from above is just you and said medium?, taking more practice and rocking you're own thing <3. whoever drew th...



yes, yes, yes lol

lets start.


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